On the Importance of Differentiation 1/2

She had one final story to share and set it up masterfully. Every day a child enters our classroom, we should look them in the eye and acknowledge the fear, the hunger, the pain, and the self-doubt and remind ourselves to focus the lesson on what is truly important and what will make a difference not only in our most troubled, but for all.

On the Importance of Play

We need to give our kids permission to safely explore what they are curious about and to take risks in order to grow. Let’s encourage them to use their imagination, solve problems on their own, and to experience the joy in learning something new.

Where Gods Are Born

This wonderful and inspiring family are artisans that will welcome you with smiles, dazzle you with stories, and gift you with an opportunity to enrich your life and warm your soul.


This was a very personal and emotional trip too. As family and close friends know, my sister’s son spent many years in Thailand and fell in love with a special young lady.

Day 70

I get the time to read and reflect. Let me repeat that, I have time to read extremely interesting books, professional journals, blog posts and articles, and to really digest them.

Tiong Bahru Market

The Chinese stalls sell all kinds of goods like dried meat and vegetable products, plus noodles and other flavorings. The best prices by far are found in markets like these.

National Gallery of Singapore

The museum is in itself a work of art. Originally it was built and used by the government of Singapore in the early days of its history to house the Supreme Court as well as other government offices.

Fulbright Teacher Blogs

These Fulbright Teachers are currently embedded in their own learning and teaching experiences around the world and I thought you might enjoy reading their posts as much as I do.